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Charles & De Spiseri opens every day at 11 AM (except Sundays).
Spacious premises makes it easy for our guests to relax and cease the moment regardless of the occasion. Whether it is at night or during the day. As part of a formal or an informal meeting, a seminar, a party or an arrangement.
All staff is united in our passion for food, drinks, wine, diversity and quality.  
We believe in openness and you can see that our chefs enjoy their work! Everything that is sold by us originates form the best ingredients available. The use of local suppliers is highly regarded, and we love it when we can trace each ingredient back to the day when the seed was sown. 
Best regards, Charles & De

Charles & De opened their "house of foods" in 2005. The name is associated with exquisite flavors and the importance of teamwork. Worldwide, there are only 13 gold medal winners in the  prestigious competition Bocuse d’Or. Charles Tjessem is one of them. He was titled World Champion in 2003. Tjessem has also been the Manager of Gastronomisk Institutt in Stavanger and the Captain of the Norwegian National Team of Chefs. Charles Tjessem is well known for his dedication to good craftsmanship based on carefully selected local ingredients. He never compromises when it comes to quality. His team consists of a handpicked group of skilled people that are willing to go far to thrill you senses.
Team work, the shared passion & commitment is the secret of a great working environment. If you are a regular guest, you will appreciate that we take great care in reinventing ourselves from time to time. We enjoy chellenges and love to dream up new and improved ideas. Our menus changes with the seasons, 5 times a year. This gives us the opportunity to focus on ripe ingredients and preparing them with tender loving care when the timing is just right. 
Our values are reflected in everything we serve. Honesty and purity in taste, ingredients, people and kitchen. We believe in transparency. We are grounded, but even snobs are welcome here :-)
Charles & De Spiseri is forever developing to amuse our guests. We opened Bakeri & Konditori by Charles & De in Stavanger in the fall of 2011 and ditto in Sandnes not long after.
The bakery in Stavanger is busy every day. This means that you may buy fresh bakery goods 7 days a week.

Charles & De Spiseri Langgaten 41 4306 Sandnes

Call:     51 68 32 00 e-mail: